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We are now offering stall side PRP therapy by Protec. ProTec Platelet-Rich Plasm (PRP) is a regenerative therapy that uses the healing benefits of an animal's own blood to jumpstart recovery. Read more...

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Dusty is a 15-year-old quarter horse that earns his keep being a heel horse. I’ve had him about six years and he really fits me. About three years ago he came up lame on his left front foot. I asked my farrier about it and he said it looked and acted like ringbone. I had it x-rayed and sure enough that’s what it was. There was already a lot of bone growth inside the joint so my vet suggested letting it go to see if it would fuse. Dusty got progressively lamer so about a year later we x-rayed it again and although it looked like the joint was closer to fusing it was still a long ways from growing together. About that time a friend of mine who knew about the problem I was having with Dusty sent me a copy of the August 2011 Western Horseman article by Debbie Moors called “Simpler Surgery for Ringbone”. I immediately called Performance Equine and talked with Ellis. I explained what was going on and told him I had two sets of x-rays about a year apart. Ellis asked me to send him the x-rays so he could give me at least a preliminary idea if the type of surgery described in the article might be appropriate for Dusty. I sent the x-rays and fortunately it appeared that Dusty would be a good candidate, subject to Ellis taking his own set of x-rays to make a final determination.

Needless to say I was very encouraged by the news and would have even taken Dusty to Montana if that’s what it took but fortunately Ellis and Mandi spend a good part of the winter in Cave Creek, AZ which is very close to my place in Scottsdale. I made arrangements to have x-rays taken as soon as they got to AZ and confirmed that the operation was appropriate for Dusty’s condition. With that done we scheduled the surgery right after NFR in December of 2011. The procedure entailed putting three stainless steel screws into the bone above and below the middle joint to immobilize the joint so it would fuse together. The surgery went very well; now the recovery and waiting started. Ellis said it would take about four months for the joint to fuse. Dusty was in a cast for about six weeks, then I kept his front leg wrapped when the cast came off to prevent swelling. We only did that for about two weeks until the swelling went down. During the entire time Dusty was in a 12’ x 12’ stall so he couldn’t move around much. After about four months I started turning him out in the arena with another horse and letting him walk around. At first he limped a little but after about another month (and an exam by Ellis which showed everything was okay) he stopped limping. Right around Memorial Day of 2012 I started throwing a saddle on him and walking him around. Then I chased the sled a few times at a trot to see how that went (perfect). The next step was to start heeling slow cattle which I did in mid-June. When we did the surgery my goal was to be able to heel on Dusty during a July fourth celebration in Bayfield CO. I’m happy to say I was able to do that!

Now just one year from the surgery Dusty is 100%. I couldn’t be happier with the results of the surgery, the treatment Dusty got and the great personal attention I got from Ellis and Mandi. I know a couple of other people here in AZ who have gone to Performance Equine with similar results and similar experiences working with Ellis and Mandi. If your horse has got ringbone this operation is definitely something to consider. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about people putting down great rope horses that have developed ringbone. Today thanks to Ellis and Mandi that isn’t necessary anymore!

John Scammon
Scottsdale, AZ
December 2012

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